Charles James Genius Deconstructed

Step into the creativity‚ construction and obsession of one of the twentieth century’s most remarkable fashion designers.

One of less than a handful of American designers to have worked in the pure tradition of haute couture‚ Charles James has been described as the greatest couturier of his time by the Parisian design world. He was most famous for his unique ability to balance the intuition of an artist with the precise technical skill of an engineer.

Charles James: Genius Deconstructed explores the history of couture fashion designer Charles James and why nearly 40 years after his death he is still a relevant force in the fashion world. The exhibition‚ featuring 15 of

James’ most iconic designs from 1928 through 1958‚ will be on display at the Chicago History Museum from October 22‚ 2011‚ through April 16‚ 2012.

The Chicago History Museum has one of the top costume collections in the world. And‚ due to Chicago’s special relationship with Charles James‚ we also have one of the most extensive and representative collections of James’s designs. We invite you to come see these extraordinary pieces for yourself.

Plan your visit to the Chicago History Museum. View a slideshow of Charles James’s work